trial and error

Day 3

It’s interesting the questions you get asked as you start on a process like this. I made a really specific choice to simply start this action on January 1st and try to work out the ritual involved as I went along. It is a task for myself but perhaps I should be thinking more outwardly? Much of what I have read so far talks about holding hands as a romantic act with a partner, hopefully as I go I will uncover other thoughts and aspects on hand holding.

Today I met with my friend Rachel for tea in Tapa. This was to be the first ‘public’ hand holding. I have been surprised by how much I have felt nervous when asking to people to take part. In public brings up a whole different angle. What do we do when we encounter a mutual friend? In today’s case we simply keep on talking and make no reference to our hand holding even as I shuffle awkwardly over to plant a new years kiss on our unexpected guest. Rachel has a fantastic way of questioning which has left me with much to ponder on. As I write I have yet to ask anyone to hold my hand tomorrow and I am wondering if I should see what the day brings or plan ahead? I’m not sure I’m ready to hand myself over to fate… best send out an invite or two!

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