Early morning stroll

Today was a stroll around  Queens Park on the south side of Glasgow. It was a great start to the day, a little battered by the elements but warmed by a feeling of friendship and connectedness. This feeling has permeated through the rest of my day as conversions on hand holding have continued with other people, some in rather unexpected ways.

I talked at length with a friend about the discomfort the idea of hand holding might conjure in others. It is certainly true that I am creating situations in which to hold peoples hands which are outside of my cultures norms. I have noticed in the few days I have been doing this that for the first few minutes of holding hands it can feel awkward as we try to relax and settle into the shared action. This said I have been inspired and excited by the responses I have received so far from those wishing to take part. Many have really run with their own creativity in devising plans or situations in which we might hold hands and it has even led me to re-connect with old friends.

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