I started off day 5 with no real concrete plan of where and when I might hold hands. I had a possible who but nothing was definite. When it became apparent that my who couldn’t make it I begun to realise how I might feel when I start to ask strangers to join me. On my walk down Sauchiehall street I was approached by one of the many charity sales folk and had a momentary contemplation to ask him to hold my hand in exchange for my custom. I didn’t. as soon as the thought entered my head I was upset at myself for thinking of it as a transaction. It has helped me to consider that there is no need to panic at the prospect of having no one to hold hands with. Opportunity will more often than not raise its head and it’s about knowing when to be brave and follow that opportunity. As it turns out I was able to ask a friend who is staying with us temporarily which felt like a more genuine and welcomed offer. And so over a cup of tea and finding much comedy in an obscure magazine that sells items like ‘in-between pavement cleaners’ I held hands in this unplanned moment.

Over the few days i have come to really enjoy the felling that is left behind. the heat and the way the skin of my palm feels like it is somehow softer. It’s quite comforting. Like a little trace is left behind for a while after the event.

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