Sometimes it’s a little impractical!

Day 10

Day 10 was with a friend whilst she ran some errands which it turns out is rather funny when you’ve got someone attached to you by the hand. Getting in and out of shop doors without seeming rude becomes an odd little choreography between the both of you. Negotiating where they want to go next without letting go, which is of course the sensible option. At one point I felt like I could have been being cared for the set up was so that I was being led. What I loved about it was the feeling of familiarity. Even though I was acutely aware of us holding hands there was no discomfort in this fact even when I noticed a few questioning looks from passersby. This confidence comes in many ways from the fact that I am very comfortable with this person as she is a friend of many years and I wonder if I would have felt differently had we not known each other for so long.

There always comes the moment when I let people know that they can let go. I am very much enjoying the varying responses to this; a squeeze, holding the moment for that bit longer, requesting a hug or a simple thank you have passed between myself and my partners so far. With each new hand comes a little difference and a trace of something new.

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