The characteristics of hands

I discovered an interesting fact about myself on day 13 that I had never really paid attention to but perhaps have always known. I notice other people’s hands. This may sound like an obvious statement considering my daily practice however I don’t think I had realised how much I remember about people’s hands. Small details that others would perhaps notice about faces I notice about hands.

Day 13 was also my first encounter with someone how felt they couldn’t hold my hand. The concept being too much for them in that time and that place. We talked about what this was about for them. It really clarified my position on this being an action that challenges me and not about others having to push themselves for my benefit. I really appreciated her candid nature. I would have hated if she had forced herself to hold my hand in a way that was stressful for her. i hope that we can do it at another time when it feels right.

The not holding of one person’s hand led to a moment of holding hands at a friend’s Hen party at a time that feels hugely appropriate. 30 minutes of temporary unity amongst a bigger celebration of a bigger union. Had a poetry about it even if it did grow out of some mutual reaction to the alien environment we found ourselves in.

Day 14 provided me time to continue my enjoyment of the walk whilst holding hands. It was accompanied again by a candid and open conversation with a newly found friend. I am finding these moments more and more refreshing in my day. They offer real insight into other people that is ultimately reflected back on myself through listening.

2 weeks in and I already feel nourished in a way I would never have imagined. The nervous apprehension is still there but it is being used in the best way to propel me forward. I am very thankful for all who have indulged me so far and all who have contacted to say they would like to be involved.

Day 13
day 14

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