Traces of Changing Hands

Day 19
Day 18
Day 17

An overwhelming week of hand holding and conversations. So much so that I’m catching up on my posts after blacking out in support of the protests against sopa and pipa.

Each new person that I come across allows me to consider what I’m doing in new way. They offer a slightly different frame to look through or a question that sends me on a new tangent. It is a nourishment I am relishing that for me proves the need for touch and connection.

I have been contemplating the little hollow that exist between two hands as they are held together. I have become increasing aware that the palms never fully touch and of the sensation of electric energy that fizzes in the space. Like a trace of each other is being passed between hands. When i started 19 days ago I did not think I would have shared such energy and time with people. My nerves continue but I am also warmed and excited by each new encounter.

2 thoughts on “Traces of Changing Hands

  1. Judith Williams says:

    Hi Lou

    I am pretty sure I shared this at the time – about the meridian lines that end in each of our hands. And the magic spot you speak of linking directly to ‘heart protector’. The thumb relating to worry, the pointing finger to fear, the middle finger the anger button, wedding ring finger attachment and grief and pinky of pretense!

    I remember our hands fondly in the CCA!

    Lots of love to you and all your palm to palms and digits.


    1. loubrodie says:

      Thank you so much for this Jude. I do remember you mentioning it but thank you for reminding me as it all comes to a close. I feel so excited and privileged to have had this year. I very much remember and treasure our 30 minutes. Thank you for your generosity.

      Lou x

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