There are certain people in your life that you just simply feel safe with. You feel held and supported in their presence. You may not have seen them for a long time and yet you still have a comfort around them. 30mins holding this kind of persons hand is a pleasure. pure and simple.

Day 50

Just ask

Day 49

Another day another hand to find. A day were I had no one already scheduled. A day were I had to ask until I found someone. This was easier than on Monday. The energy felt better and I felt more confident so I asked a few folk and found a lovely person who could spare me some time and was then able to catch up with how they were over a pint. Perfect!

What’s the feeling? What’s the process? Tell me why.

My hand holder on day 48 is someone in my life who is not afraid to ask me questions and challenge me. We talked a bit about difference between each person, when I have felt more mindful in my action and the times when I feel I haven’t given the space it deserves. How it can make me feel vulnerable, to embrace the possibility of failing.It helps to understand why. To acknowledge that the 30 minutes are different somehow to the other minutes in my day.

Day 48

A song, a season or a lifetime

Day 47


Day 46


Day 45

My week so far has been filled with reconnection and new moments. Day 45 we talked about the length of time the people come into your life. A friend once past to me the phrase people come into your life for a song, a season or a lifetime which I think is a cool way to think of it. I like the idea that my hand holding might turn into songs, that there might come a time when I engage people simply for that moment and that we perhaps do not see each other again. We shall see.

Not so brave

Day 44


I was feeling a little under confident today and so didn’t quite find a way to ask someone new to join me in my daily practice. My flatmate was on hand in my moment of need but it did make me wonder what was making me feel so off today. I need to find some other ways to introduce the action. Ways of talking about it so that it is not the only thing I talk about. Ways that don’t undermine it and ways that highlight the fun aspect of it.