two’s company

Day 29


On many of my hand holding moments so far we have chosen to go for a walk. This was one such moment. we drove to a place that had significance for my day 29 partner and walked briskly around the lovely grounds.

Red road


Also on several of the days there have been people who have been present at the hand holding who have in some way taken part if not actually holding my hand. Day 29 was once of those days. For some reason on this day I was left thinking a lot about this role that has come about. A watcher that sometimes offers social commentary on the event or engages in the debate and discussion that happens around the subject of hand holding. It seems to me now that this role is complex. It can effect the moment in different ways. People have asked me if I will turn my daily ritual in to some sort of performance. On days like this it feels like it roams into the territory of its own accord bring with it the pros and cons of when we make normally private moments (or moments considered in britain as private) public.

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