Day 40

Day 40 and I hadn’t lined up or scheduled anyone to hold my hand. I was getting a little worried. Fortuitously a friend sent me a text as a little joke and I took it as an opportunity to ask her if she was free that evening. She was. I felt guilty. I felt like I was asking her in a way that wasn’t in the spirit of the ritual. Of course that’s not the case. My daily practice is a celebration of the people I have in my life that I can call upon to hold my hand. The friends and the community that I have around me. So I had a little realisation! Again one that when you say it aloud sounds like you should have known already. This year will be filled with meeting people and making the effort to hold hands with a variety of people AND it will be filled with repetition and moments between friends, constant mini celebrations!

The everyday

My hope is that as I progress my hand holding will slip into my day without need ing as much scheduling as it does right now. that I can take time to meet people but also that I can find the courage to just ask someone to take this little leap with me. So today I asked a work colleague. This is not unusual I have asked a work colleague before, however this work colleague has no previous knowledge of what I am up to so it came as an odd request to her. Of course, this is too be expected. Thankfully she said yes to my request and indulged me. I felt very privileged as it was a fairly public display of hand holding. It is interesting how it makes the action feel different to when we have specifically come together to hold hands. To go about your business whilst silently connected to another.

Day 39

February’s Full moon

This months full moon was so bright as I drove back from Stirling to my hand holding destination that it lit the road for much of the journey. Whole stretches of road that should have been pitch black  sparkled with moonlight. This was the 2nd of my monthly full moon hand holding as we dance with my friend Philippa and the moon did not disappoint. She was beautiful. It’s a shame my little camera can’t quite capture her essence.

Day 38


Distant Moon


Day 37

On  monday we chat about public displays of affection. What they mean to people, whether they are welcomed or shunned. I wonder, not for the first time, if I am being judged for my open and prolonged public hand holding.

A little moment of Protest

Day 36

Day 36 takes place at an event of music, song and spoken word in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the UCS ‘work in’ at the Clyde-side yards. For some of the friends that i am with this is research for a project but also comes out of a genuine interest in an era in Scotland where protest was about positive action. I hold hands for a little moment of protest.

Here is a little link to the UCS wikipedia page.