The Art of Walking

Something I don’t mention often when I talk about my inspiration in starting this action is a talk I went to see by Dee Heddon. Dee decided as a celebration of her 40th birthday to invite 40 different people to take her on a walk. She gave a lecture on walking as an arts practice discussing others who use walking within their work whilst also reflecting on her own walking adventures. I saw this lecture around about the time I was deciding whether or not I should do my 2012 daily practice and I know that Dee’s own unique birthday celebration certainly gave me motivation. It  is therefore interesting how much walking is part of my holding hand project. Holding hands and walking together is a popular choice amongst my daily partners.

Day 92


Path to the Queens Park flagpole


Day 93

3 thoughts on “The Art of Walking

  1. elliedubois says:

    I can’t believe that I have only just found this Lou. It’s such a lovely blog and so interesting to see your commitment since the start I don’t know why but I was so surprised when I say the pictures of so many different hands but it really is so cool how you have found the time to connect with so many different people!

    Ellie xx

    1. loubrodie says:

      Thanks Ellie. I’m glad you like. I am really enjoying it. Let me know if you are free for some hand holding and please do feel free to comment and pass it on.

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