Little Connections

Day 94


In many ways it is a small action. Subtle in its intensity and simple in what it has to offer. And yet it is so much more than that offering layers of contemplation and reflection. Pointing out things about myself and allowing me to appreciate what is already there.

The Art of Walking

Something I don’t mention often when I talk about my inspiration in starting this action is a talk I went to see by Dee Heddon. Dee decided as a celebration of her 40th birthday to invite 40 different people to take her on a walk. She gave a lecture on walking as an arts practice discussing others who use walking within their work whilst also reflecting on her own walking adventures. I saw this lecture around about the time I was deciding whether or not I should do my 2012 daily practice and I know that Dee’s own unique birthday celebration certainly gave me motivation. It  is therefore interesting how much walking is part of my holding hand project. Holding hands and walking together is a popular choice amongst my daily partners.

Day 92


Path to the Queens Park flagpole


Day 93

Letting go

Letting go is a fascinating concept. The physical mechanics of letting something go and the emotional impact of it. Letting go suggests a goodbye or an end. Everyday I physically let go of someone. A few of these people ask me how we should do it. I tell them it is up to them how we let go. There are moments when we dwell on letting go and moments when we do it swift as is recommended with plaster removal. There is something very healthy about letting go. How can you fully understand something unless you experience sometime without it?

Day 89


Familiar faces in familiar places

Day 83

Day 84

Day 85

Day 86

Day 87

Day 88

In your house, in my house, in the pub after work in your favourite arts venue after sampling the delights of an orchestra of sewing machines. The people are comfortable and the places are familiar and yet there are still those few seconds where your brain comments on the psychosocial element of what we are doing. Sometimes we say it out loud sometimes I just notice it. In many ways it’s becoming as familiar as the task it’s self.

What if I become dependent?

Day 81


Day 82

What if I start to need it and become dependent on my daily practice task? In the last two days I noticed how much I wanted to hold hands. Knowing that in certain moments it gives a calmness and comfort I have been aware that I have wanted to hold hands for selfish reasons. They are probably always there however it was intriguing to notice how a shift in how I was feeling gave me an impulse to prioritise my action.