You have one, a plan, but then it just doesn’t happen. Through no fault of its own, sometimes things just happen that way. Plans sometimes just don’t work. You put in place plan B. You’ve got it sorted. But organising plan B isn’t executing plan B. You have to remember that bit – to actually do plan B. Just because it happens in your head doesn’t mean it’s actually happened. Does your mind make it real? Or is it sometimes that simple presence is enough to make it feel like it has happened?

These things happen for a reason. So tomorrow you hit it harder and you up the stakes.

Bring on the risk.


The Right Fit and Saying Goodbye

Day 146

Day 146’s hand happening left me thinking about how different hands fit together and how sometimes they don’t. I’ve probably contemplated how hands fit together a few times but I’m not sure I’ve talked about it. Sometime certain fits of hands will make me feel a particular way. If my hand feels very small in someones then it can feel child like or in a small way oppressed by it. I have also noticed lately that when I get nervous I have a tendency to grip tighter without even thinking about it.

My other point of reflection is partly to do with meeting strangers. the moment when you have to say goodbye to someone who you might possibly never see again is quite sad. I am lost in wanting to perhaps maintain correspondence somehow but also battling myself to just appreciate the moment for what it is and allow it to simply exist as 30 minutes.

So what’s this all about then?

Day 12 and Performance 2. Pics from the performance below thoughts and musings to follow tomorrow.

trio of hand holders

Trio from the other angle

Myself and my hand holder of performance 2

The other angle

In performance 2 I held hands with a young woman who is originally from Peru and whose culture has a different attitude towards hand holding. In many countries in the Middle East, Asia and South America holding hands is a common place act amongst all people. Her reaction was brilliant and hugely casual towards what I was attempting to do and great to engage with someone who has that attitude from culture and not necessarily through a personal choice to shrug off the constructs of polite society.