Drawing attention to yourself

Day 138


Today is day 4 of my residency at Ovalhouse and I realised that for the last few days I have been experiencing some of the same kinds of nervousness that I experienced when I first started this project. Not that feeling nervous and aware has gone away but there is a fresh layer to being in a new city trying to find new people to hold my hand. It has made me think about how I am naturally social but find it very difficult to purposefully draw attention to myself and in many ways this project does that whether privately or publicly.

There also comes a level of responsibility with inviting someone to hold your hand. I want them to have a good time whatever that might mean but for a lot of people who I hold hands with I don’t know what will make them comfortable and sometimes I think I get it wrong.

As for creating a piece of performance round this I think today has had moment of break through as I try to create a situation that can offer up space to try it out for yourself.

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