Many Hands

Day 11 of my residency and Performance number 1.

Hugely generous people who joined me tonight. Not to mention the 2 people I held hands with during the day before the performance. I definitely feel that there is so much more to talk about and uncover with this but my time in London and tonight’s performance have really excited me (even more) to the possibilities.

Day 145
Day 145 first hand holder of the day
Day 145 Performance Partner

Above is the person I held hands with during tonight’s sharing. Halfway through I realised I was gripping her quite tightly I reaction to my nerves I believe. It was funny to have this unspoken connection to someone whilst talking to a group of people my hand holding partner was probably more aware of how I was feeling than I was.

Below are a few more pictures from this evenings events.

Me and my generous audience member

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