Many Hands

Day 11 of my residency and Performance number 1.

Hugely generous people who joined me tonight. Not to mention the 2 people I held hands with during the day before the performance. I definitely feel that there is so much more to talk about and uncover with this but my time in London and tonight’s performance have really excited me (even more) to the possibilities.

Day 145

Day 145 first hand holder of the day

Day 145 Performance Partner

Above is the person I held hands with during tonight’s sharing. Halfway through I realised I was gripping her quite tightly I reaction to my nerves I believe. It was funny to have this unspoken connection to someone whilst talking to a group of people my hand holding partner was probably more aware of how I was feeling than I was.

Below are a few more pictures from this evenings events.

Me and my generous audience member


There are only a few rules that I have for myself when I hold hands with someone. It’s really only the one rule, that we must hold hands for 30 consecutive minutes, that I feel most attached to. The time feels like a fellow collaborator offering a point of creativity rather than certainty. The time can feel so different for each person involved. My hand holder today really reminded me of the joy of rules and how much play they can sometimes offer.

Day 144

Day 10 of Ovalhouse residency. Final prep day before tomorrow’s performance. Feeling a little nervous.


A Jumping off point

Day 9 at the Ovalhouse, the sun is shining, I have started the day with holding hands and the lines seem to be staying in my brain!

Day 143

In my 30 minutes today came time to really think about the options that have presented myself with holding hands and the things that I might and could challenge myself to do with it. I think on my return to Glasgow I will begin to set weekly, fortnightly or monthly extra commitments on top of holding hands with someone for 30 minutes. It has added a new excitement to the project.

A nurturing energy

Day 142

Day 8 of the Ovalhouse residency and today’s hand holding was a much needed walk round a little garden in Clapham. Today’s guest brought her 3 year old son with her and I loved the energy and intrigue that he darted round the garden with and at one point tried to separate me from his mum so as to show me round. It made me think of the intrigue I need to bring to the this weeks performative experiment. A genuine excitement to the newness of it all.

A sense of Community

Day 141

Day 7 of Ovalhouse residency but officially Sunday so took it easy today. I was invited to lunch by a friend whose hand I then held. There were a few of us round for lunch and it brought to my mind the sense of community which I have appreciated whilst I have been in London and how part of what I am hoping to make space for through the Palm to Palm work in progress as some sort of temporary community. We shall see what happens!


Finding words

Day 140

Day 6 of my London residency and I’m preoccupied with words. How to explain what I am doing. How to do it in a way that interests and may possibly evening entice someone to take part in some capacity and to do so in a way that allows space for the blanks to be filled by others.

Also read a little bit about Juan Mann who started the free hugs movement and I’m being inspired by the words of Darren O’Donnell and his company Mammalian Diving Reflex


A finite amount of time

Day 5 of my ovalhouse residency and I have a ‘script’ to speak of. I also decided to hold hands with two different people today. I have a finite amount of time in London and have been hugely fortunate to find a person to hold hands with for all of the days that I am in London, I therefore made the decision to not say no to any one and double book if I need to. Today was one of those days and I feel very privileged to have spent time with two lovely people who gave of their time and who were so generous with their energy. It was a brilliant end to my first week.

Day 139


Day 139 again