Dangerous Ideas

On Day 158 I was asked if I would give a talk the following week at an evening of Dangerous theatre. The talk was based on the performance I have recently created. I used some text from the performance and took the opportunity to ask this room full of strangers to hold hands with each other. The talk was titled Palm to Palm – Embracing the danger of social discomfort.

Here is a little quote from the talk:

Social discomfort which perhaps some of you are experiencing this evening is a powerful tool which I believe when applied through the correct frame and context can offer transformative moments in all manner of communities and learning environments.

Social discomfort is something I have become fascinated with whether it be my own personal discomfort or that of the people I invite to take part in my challenge. It is perhaps a natural progression of audience participation in the tool box of the social engaged artist, to move the art form further from the passivity of a theatre to place the action and responsibility of the work with those that have come to watch it.

I hope to seek new environments and ways to engage people in the group happening of my daily practice.

Here is catch up of my hand holding with a few extras from the talk.

Day 174
Day 173
Day 172
Day 171
Day 170
Day 169
Day 168
Day 167
Day 166
Day 165

An evening of dangerous theatre

Day 164
Philippa and Claire Evening of Dangerous Theatre
More brave participants at the evening of dangerous theatre
Day 163
Day 162
Day 161
Day 160
Day 159
Day 158




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