I seem to have fallen into a pattern without realising. so far every month with the exception of January there is one day in which holding hands completely slips my mind. On a few occasions this has been due to the familiarity of the person I am with and that we become so comfortable and contact in each other company we forget about the action. On a few other occasions it comes out of being in an environment were I am working all day and you get into to a place were you are focused only on the task in hand. you do not deviate from this plan and suddenly you don’t take time to stop. Stopping isn’t an option or at least the pace you have set yourself makes it feel like this is the case.

Do I just need to plan ahead more? Should I be attempting to schedule everyday possible to know who I will hold hands with that day. What about spontaneity? is it important? How do you prioritise something without it control you or dictating the spectrum of choice?

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