Alternative Innocence

I find innocence a conflicting concept. I think it is the fact that we often place it hand in hand with childhood or youth and that it is something that we then corrupt. That to live is to be corrupted. I’ve started to think of innocent more as an energy similar to intrigue or inquisitiveness. Perhaps innocence is a state of being more so than something gifted to us because we are new in the world. People now and again talk of holding hands as being an innocent action. I imagine this has to do with the simplicity of it, however it is also the case that it is the complete opposite of innocence for many people and hugely complex for them personally. I love this paradox.

Day 155

Day 155 – an experiment into holding hands through the medium of Skype. In this moment it holding hands become a concept. It pushes the boundary of trust. I have to trust someone to hold hands with them. If I’ve never met them before the leap of faith is even larger. In the case of Skype. I can not see her hand and she cannot see mine but I believe we are connected.

The boys, the boys.

As I write this post this song is going round my head. Total throw back from my teenage years.

I have noticed and started to think more about the fact that the majority of my volunteers are female. In fact I have only held hands with one man who was a complete stranger that responded to my call out as opposed to me approaching and asking them or men that know me. So for day 153 and 154 I managed to find some male hand holders. Think about having a boys only month in celebration of The boys.

Day 153

Day 154

Catching up

Day 152

I love the opportunity hand hands gives me to catch up with people. A non-malicious selfishness by which I have someones attention for 30 minutes and they of course have mine. When you focus all you attention on someone for 30 minutes there is a quality of engagement which I don’t think I can compare to anything else. It’s fun and exciting and indulgent and makes me understand why as a child you demand undivided attention. It’s not polite to demand undivided attention as an adult.