A chat about social discomfort

Day 288

Day 288 for the second time

A day of talking about why I might ask strangers to hold hands. About what it might be like to ask different groups of people to take part in the performance of Palm to Palm. About how we feel about holding hands. About our cultural relationship to touch and holding hands. About the statement it can make and the nourishment it can offer.

Chatting with the audience

A photo from some participants



the personal as political

This phrase has come up a few times in the week that began with day 282. The conversations went in many directions. I talked quite a bit with friends who articulated the struggle that came with the want to hold hands with their same-sex partner. I was also reminded of a conversation with a women who told me of how her father felt that he could not hold her hand in public for fear of judgement. I have been struck again by the power of this simple action of what it can evoke, from joy to rage to revulsion to comfort.

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It’s not usual for the action to be interrupted. especially when it is happening in a place where people are coming and going. I enjoy these moments they offer an insight to the expectations of the moment, should it or shouldn’t it be private. Sometimes I get to engage with something that I otherwise would avoid. This particular interruption felt like it added to the connectedness and offered a different sort of space for depth in the conversation.


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