Work, Life and Play

Moments when the action is highlighted, most commonly because I don’t let go in a situation that suggests you should, are often linked to work. Day 319 is no exception to this. We begin holding hands only to be told we have to come to a meeting that is already in progress. It’s fun to see the reaction of those in the room as we walk in holding hands. The 30 minutes ends whilst the meeting continues and I whisper to my partner that they can let go. The hand hold lingers a little before I return her hand so she can use her computer more effectively. The meeting continues and then someone notices that we have stopped. I explain that the 30 minutes has ended. The meeting continues. As we wrap the meeting up the man who noticed we had tells us that he felt sad when we stopped and how he had enjoyed the energy offered by two people holding hands whilst we worked.


Day 316
Day 317
Day 318
Day 319

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