Towards a Radical Ritualisation

I have often struggled with the articulation of this project. Never more so when attempting to translate it into a performance. Over the course of my time at the SPILL festival and reflecting the day after the performance I am coming to realise that perhaps what I have created in the performance does not tell the whole truth of how I feel about this year and my increasing awareness and passion about the need for touch and how in Britain we have such a complicated and difficult relationship with it.
And so my thinking is moving to how I can offer a radical ritualisation of the year I have had. To not simply tell stories but to push the art form to cut through the language and tap into the feelings and spirit of the action.

Day 303

Day 304

Day 305

Day 306

Day 307

Day 308

Day 309








Sharing the experience

On day 300 I previewed the performance of Palm to Palm which I took to the SPILL festival in Ipswich to a small group of friends and colleagues. It’s a great opportunity to get performance feedback and to have a wider discussion about what the action does.

ON day 302 I took part in the frock on rock off Sunday bizarre at the Glue Factory. Sat on a couch I offered anyone who cared for a 30 minute hand holding session. Over the day I held hands with 5 people. each with a different take on what I was doing and all with a huge generosity about what they shared.

Day 300

Day 301

Autumnal Shifts

The week beginning day 296 and I can feel the light changing and the darkness if winter approaching. The urge to remain indoors and nestle in to the warm of home is prevalent in my mood. It turns my attention to the need for touch as winter descends. AS natures warm shifts we look for it elsewhere in the hands of others.


Day 297