Leap, bound, bump, jump and boomerang yourself into Bounce: an interactive dance and acrobatic performance that takes place on a bespoke inflatable. Bounce is a full body experience created for young audiences. Performed by two acrobats with dance and parkour expertise with an original score created by Daniel Padden and J.C. Marshall. Bounce is a beautifully crafted anarchic journey through the body’s physical capabilities and a shameless, joyous celebration of bouncing.







Choreography and Artistic Direction: Lou Brodie
Text: J.C. Marshall
Sound Design: Daniel Padden
Costume Design: Katy Lonsdale
Producer: Matt Addicott
Performers Kate McWilliam and Sam McFarlane
Understudy and Assistant Director: Calum Johnston
Production Manager: Yvonne Buskie
Print Design: Valerie Reid
Main Photograph: Kat Gollock
Production Photographs: Euan Robertson
Video Design: Airship23


Bounce is commissioned by Imaginate, produced by Platform and supported through the Scottish Government’s Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund.



Scottish Government New jpeg


 Imaginate corporate logo jpegCEC Black statutory







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