Bricking It

Bricking it is a multidisciplinary series aimed at teen audiences. The project delves into our fascination with creation and destruction. The team collaborate with teenagers to devise and deliver interactive participatory actions, artworks and research inspired by the questions and themes depicted in Graham Greene’s ‘The Destructors’.

Actions created so far:

How to throw a brick workshop – Delivered by Lou this physical workshop is a playfully dangerous experience in the art of brick throwing. This action can also be delivered as a 20 minute interactive performance.

My house is your house – construction workshop which invites participants to build their own house from cardboard before it being forensically deconstructed by another participant who then rebuilds it as a new public space.

Money Talks – A box of matches and a £20 note are presented to the participants as the provocation of this table top debate that asked those present to argue for or against the artist burning the money.