From Here

Artistic Direction and Project Management: Lou Brodie
 Youth Worker: Will Golding
 Visual Artist and Graphic Designer: Valerie Reid
 Mural Artist: Andrew Crummy
 Music: David Maxwell
 Film: Jamie Macdonald
 Photography: Kat Gollock

From Here was a multi-media and multi art-form heritage project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund’s young roots programme and supported by Imaginate and Historic Scotland. The project was created by Lou Brodie, Lyra Theatre company and local teenagers from Craigmillar and Niddrie. Over the course of 2014 the young curators researched and explored their relationship with the ever changing and rich heritage of their local community. They commissioned five artists to create work in response to their findings and hosted multiple workshops, interviews and community events as part of the project.

The young curators were aged 14-19 and used an artistic process to explore their local heritage, engaging with upwards of 850 local people

Over 12 months the group:

  • Commissioned 5 artists to produce new works in film, music, visualart and photography
  • Hosted a community dinner party
  • Led 2 guided walks along Edinburgh’s Innocent Railway
  • Organised a launch event for 75 international delegates
  • Presented on a discussion panel at Summerhall for the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

The From Here group changed my life. It made me a more confident person, helped me understand who I was and the kinda person I wanted to be. It helped me become a better person. I can finally have a normal conversation without feeling like an idiot cause I didn’t understand certain words. I still occasionally do my photography stuff, I love it, my goal when I finished doing it was to go to Iceland and capture the northern lights and next year I’ll be able to make that dream come true!” Young Curator