Rules of the Dance Floor

Rules of the Dancefloor is a cross generational interactive performance and audio event that celebrates the stories, histories and communities of Scotland’s Dancefloors.

Rules of the Dance Floor Taps into Scotland’s rich heritage of dancing whether that be a ceildh, the tradition of ballroom, community parties, our thirst for clubbing, family events or the makeshift dancefloors that appear in folks living rooms and kitchens week in week out.

Exploring the notions of why do we dance and the events that bring us on to the dance floor. Rules uses interviews and workshops with local community groups to gather audio clips of dancefloor anecdotes. Artists Lou Brodie and Philippa Clark head up the workshops and interviews. In collaboration with musician and sound designer Alan Bryden these stories are then structured to form a performance score for the final event.

You can check out a short video about the first version of rules here

Listen to one of the stories here

Check out some photos from the various productions of Rules of the Dance Floor below

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