I am what I am

I am what I am was my first collaboration with Lab Station who are part of Platform Performance

We started with a curiosity around gender and what it means to define oneself through gender. Over a few months we explored many questions: what is it to be a man? What is it to be a woman?  Does it matter? Is it as simple as that? Is it biological? Should it be important in an increasingly liberal society?

The performance is a collection of images, scenes and choreography created in response to our thoughts and feelings on gender.

I am what I am was performed in April 2014 at Platform before touring to the National Festival of Youth Theatre in Glenrothes Hall


I am what I am was performed by:


Eoin McKenzie

Nicole Cunningham

Nicola O’Donnell

Jack McGruer

Eilidh Duncan

James McGeachie

Jodie Clark

Chantelle Gunning

Gabrielle McCann

Megan Wood


Thanks to Matt Addicott, David Green, Iain Urquhart, all the Platform Staff, Christine Brodie, Shona Crossan, Lewis Young, Natalie Reid, Olivia Nelson, Lyndsay McMath and Emma.

Photo credits Kat Gollock




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