The Panda is Present

A playful parody of Marina Abramović’s performance The Artist is Present, The Panda is Present was first presented in August 2014 as part of Buzzcut at Forest Fringe.

A 5 minute interaction for one audience member at a time the Panda is Present for whatever you need in those 5 minutes.

1377474_582318715248151_4205983753210405538_n 1484204_582318858581470_4893246143426440210_n 1555491_582318305248192_1740082309516982680_n 1797406_582319391914750_8439478298719023097_n 1888558_582318321914857_4853348484546569522_n 10407828_582319048581451_8586372022429674391_n 10458430_582318175248205_6555123352221990820_n

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